What Is UpGradeMe?

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Your mind is your greatest asset, but without proper management and care it has the potential to be your worst enemy.
Most of us are running old, faulty, self defeating programs that are making us sick, sad and stuck in unhelpful patterns.
I can’t think of a more crucial task you should be doing than upgrading your minds old, glitching childhood programs with up to date, sophisticated operating systems, built to bring success, health and wealth.

Problem is most people are never taught how. The really sad  thing is anybody can do it! … if they have access to the right information.

Stop running around the same hamster wheel, hoping to get something new in life with the same old program. That’s the definition of madness.

I invite you to starting turning your life around by signing up to UpGradeMe today. I will send you free weekly UpGrade Tips that have the potential to radically transform your life.

They say it takes 40 days to change a habit, join me and many others in a journey of transformation as we explore topics like; reprogramming childhood assumptions, transitioning from victimhood to empowerment, refiring your passion for life, and much much more.

As a teacher with 10,000 hours plus in a class room, I have honed my skill as an educator. I love this topic and I’m so passionate about seeing others set free from old, self defeating patterns.

“The Mind has the potential to be a beautiful place to live” — James Newman


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